An enhanced educational experience

Organize residents’ work around their tasks keeping track and reminding them of what is needed to be done, so nothing would be forgotten.

Assign reports automatically to the most suitable attending physician

When a new study comes in, the taskbased workflow engine assigns it to the resident’s “Reading Task List”, based on the predetermined assignment rules.

Studies can be assigned to a specific student or group of students, and there is a large range of matching criteria, including Procedure, Body Part, Modality, Ordering or Performing Department, Ordering or Performing physician, for greater efficiency.


Once the resident has completed the report for the new study, the taskbased workflow automatically selects an attending physician to review and approve it.

Selection criteria can include the relationship between the resident and the attending physician, or the report can be sent to a group of attending physicians. The report can also be manually assigned to an attending physician, providing maximum flexibility.

It is easy to flag images and studies, anonymize them, and tag them with the relevant clinical details. You can use multiple terminologies, including anatomy, keywords, and more.

Standard terminology code sets, such as ACR, RadLex and SNOMED, are supported, and you can include URLs and other references in the bibliography.

Greater opportunities for comparisons add additional value to the studies: teaching files can be compared to current studies right in the powerful display protocols, while the flexible terminology and rich clinical data further improve the search for comparison studies.

What if an easy-to-use reporting tool would assigns new study reports to the right attending physician for approval and feedback?


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