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A task-based workflow that works with you


As a radiologist, you manage a lot of different tasks. Enterprise Imaging uses a task-based workflow that matches your own way of working.

It’s customizable, transparent and agile, and if you are interrupted, it lets you pick right up where you left off. Information, tasks and events flow smoothly to you, while best practices and regulations/rules can be embedded right in.

The task-based workflow keeps track of details, priority rules and more, so the hospital-defined flows are followed. And workloads can be better balanced, assigning certain tasks to specialized staff, while keeping track of how much work each person still has.

Advanced yet flexible display protocols

Dynamic drag and drop functions let you customize your preferences. The first time you call up an image, logical and consistent display settings are used, for quick, no-fuss loading.

Greater flexibility in specifying multiple modality types, and 2D/MIP/MPR/CPR/3D renderers and image quality settings provide a variety of image display options.

Advanced and specialized clinical tools – supporting the needs of radiology, mammography (including tomosynthesis), cardiology, ultrasound, vascular, angiography and nuclear medicine – are available on the same user interface.

Commonly used measurement tools are built right in, saving you time and effort.



Communication and conference tools

In today’s care-centric healthcare model, collaborating with your colleagues is more important than ever.

Enterprise Imaging includes easy-to-use collaboration, chat and sharing functions that keep you connected with other radiologists, technicians, clinicians, administrators and referring physicians. And organizing and participating in multidisciplinary meetings, tumor boards and teaching or quality control conferences is straightforward and efficient.

Schedules, rules, discussion tasks and participants are all managed, while presentations can be prepared with snapshots including full screen layout, current image level, MPR reconstruction, etc. You can even add comments, to review the group discussions later.

Reporting that offers less complexity, more readability

Reports that are easy to create and to read, with a faster turnaround time!

Text macros, voice commands and standard/ normal reports make reporting fast, easy and personalized. Adding key images, tables and measurements, and even highlighting a critical finding, is simple.

You can opt to use digital dictation or offline or online speech recognition, while the integrated medical spell and grammar checker help you verify the accuracy of your text.

Multiple authors or reviewers?

Enterprise Imaging keeps your work flowing smoothly, with preconfigured rules that allow ad hoc edits. Then distribute the results via fax, print, email, web or on the EMR. The sectional reporting helps support the satisfaction of referring physicians, with a standardized report structure that lets them quickly find what they need.

How much more productive would you be if you could make reports more quickly and include images and measurements right into them?

Mobile functionality that lets you work where you want, how you want

Enterprise Imaging supports today’s demand for working on the go, letting you view images, videos and studies and work on your reports wherever you want – even with low bandwidth.

A mobile, ‘lightweight’ client lets you create, edit and approve reports remotely, right from your mobile device.

Capture interesting cases for education and research

 With Enterprise Imaging, teaching hospitals and attending physicians can flag, tag and anonymize studies with rich searchable clinical data and flexible terminology, for better comparison study searches.

The web interface makes it as easy to access data from a mobile device as from a PC, without any diagnostic workstation required. And residents and attending physicians can collaborate visually in real-time, to enhance the educational experience.

Customer experiences


“With Enterprise Imaging for Radiology, we can also get our report turnaround time down to 20-30 minutes, which is from the time the radiologist receives the exam to when the final report is available to the clinician. This speed is a real benefit for the clinician and the patient.”


“With all images at hand, the radiologist is able to interpret images from a more holistic clinical perspective. As a result, he is more routinely asked to explain his view on certain studies with his knowledge of images from other modalities. Radiologist  are now more often considered a sounding board in support of the clinician’s therapeutic decision-making.”


“The system allows us to integrate image visualization, report creation and image storage. With the worklists we can track the patient’s procedures and submit exams to specific radiologists, for a much more efficient – yet secure and targeted – flow of reports amongst the specialists. In fact, Enterprise Imaging for Radiology has completely fulfilled our expectations.”

Southern Ohio Medical Center, Portsmouth, Ohio




IGESP Hospital, São Paulo


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