Easy and Efficient configuration


Multiple setups for fragmented departmental software solutions


An Administrator Desktop as a single point of entry to all system administration activities



Enterprise Imaging combines many traditionally separate applications into a single platform, including order management, traditional PACS functionality, integration services, reporting and clinical applications.

So you don’t have to perform multiple setups for fragmented departmental software solutions. You have a standard and easy to use interface that lets you access the master data and set up the solution’s task-based workflow, advanced display protocols, users, permission and licensing, and interoperability configuration.

You can easily import master data from comma separated values text files (.csv), or import and export configuration settings, to share configuration files between facilities or institutions, for faster implementation and set-up. And the built-in search function lets you easily find the relevant configuration tools you need, without scrolling all the way through the menu.



What if you could easily manage your users’ workflow and configuration?

It’s easy to configure users, roles, profiles, licenses, task assignment groups, power users and more, securely and comprehensively.

Preconfigured “out of the box” roles save you time, while giving you the flexibility to determine the functions each type of role can access: who can add, delete, edit, cancel, etc. And by implementing a password policy and configuring automatic workstation locking or logouts, you match the security to your hospital’s policy.

Based on the user profiles you have defined, you can set up workstations allowing everybody to use certain settings, while configuring special needs based on user groups. You can also securely set up remote workstations than allow certain users to work from home, on call, etc., offering them benefits like automatic image download even over low bandwidth.



Easily setup and track where a study is within the workflow.

Configure the workflow engine to optimize processes, easily set up display protocols and assign tasks to the correct group, intuitively.

You can implement a customizable, transparent and agile task-based workflow that matches the radiologist’s own way of working, from image acquisition, to corrections, to sign off and more. And with the task assignment rules, you are confident each task is sent to the correct group: pediatric studies are routed automatically to the pediatric radiology group, etc.

Workloads are easier to manage, as well: if a task is pending for too long, it can be automatically re-assigned or moved up in priority.



What if the task of setting up complex reporting templates was made easy?

Set up procedures and their attributes, such as modality type, body part, procedure steps, and even procedure plans, related documents and e-questionnaires, so caregivers have all the information they need.

You can import and export from a predefined catalog for ease and consistency, and associate the relevant billing codes and modifiers, for accurate billing. The radiologist will appreciate the voice commands, macros and dropdown lists defined, allowing fast – yet customizable – report creation. And the report templates and sections provide a uniform report structure that makes interpretation more straightforward for the clinician.

Finally, the report distribution rules speed up report turn-around time, enhancing the satisfaction of patients, radiologists, clinicians and hospital management

How much time would you save if you
could easily set up, maintain, manage
and troubleshoot?


With a single unified environment in one database, you can more efficiently maintain image store locations, manage database activities, manage studies, fix demographics, perform quality controls, etc.

You can also easily and correctly manage all your licenses, with a dashboard that shows you which licenses are active, which will expire soon, which are being used most, and more. So you can optimize license usage while verifying that your hospital complies with licensing requirements.

Find (potential) sources of trouble and take corrective action – quickly and pro-actively!

The Enterprise Imaging dashboard shows you incoming and outgoing messages, with colored status lights that help you see trouble spots and react. Tracers help you manage the message queue, and you can easily start and stop the messages. Interactive, step-by-step instructions help expedite setup.

And with extensive online training files, tutorials, videos and more, training is straightforward and fast.

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