with robust performance and enhanced efficiency


Lots of different products, numerous databases, many integration points, … does this sound familiar?


Enterprise Imaging supports your hospital with a consolidated platform that eliminates information silos and unifies access to images, all while reducing costs in a number of areas.



Lots of different products, numerous databases, many integration points, … does this sound familiar? Not anymore!

Instead, with Enterprise Imaging you have a single, modern platform that consolidates many applications and services. It’s built with a brand new architecture that brings you the latest advances in diagnostic imaging.

Order management, traditional PACS functionality, integration services, reporting, clinical applications and clinical data are together on one platform and in one database, while a broader spectrum of workflows is supported, improving the availability of clinical data, productivity and collaboration, with greater affordability.

The result is a fast and robust architecture, helping you get the most out of your IT investments


With Enterprise Imaging you can reduce costs in a number of areas: from lower consumable usage, to more efficient use of resources like staff and space, to fewer image retakes.

Consolidating your IT infrastructure lets you leverage your existing investments, while reduced report turn-around time speeds up patient throughput.

Looking for a way to get high performance, reliability and scalability, with a lower total cost of ownership? Let us host your Enterprise Imaging solution for you.

We’ll take care of the day-today management, with predictable and all-inclusive service costs, including high availability and disaster recovery at a fraction of the cost of building your own.



Enterprise Imaging uses a multi-server configuration that can operate in a cluster mode and reach a higher load.

By spreading the load, Enterprise Imaging can support an increasing volume, making it scalable both in terms of connected systems and data throughput. Clustering enables the redundancy needed for high-availability solutions, improving your uptime. And redundant offsite solutions can provide business continuity and disaster recovery support.

Load balancer technology detects inactive nodes or services on individual cluster nodes, for automatic switchover in case of failures.

Enterprise Imaging supports the use of hardware load balancers: software load balancer HA Proxy can be replaced by a hardware load balancer, which typically offers a richer set of features and greater scalability.


More and more, shared workflow is a must, even across different sites and facilities.

Cross reading, second opinions, they all require maximum communication. Using a local proxy server, Enterprise Imaging is designed to be placed in multiple facilities. It provides an inexpensive, database-less and easy-to use extension to a core server, and enables a shared workflow engine across facilities.

Optimized transmission methods answer the concerns of network bandwidth and latency, and by prefetching data, Enterprise Imaging minimizes transmission times during peak periods of demand. And if the proxy server is unavailable, the desktops and modalities failover to the core.

Total cost of ownership is reduced, while users don’t have to wait for their images to be transferred

What could you do if your unified imaging platform could be easily extended to other facilities, no matter how remote?

Meeting today’s mobility needs

Meet the needs of both users and hospital management, for the latest tools, technologies and mobility

Today, your users want maximum mobility, minimum fuss.

Enterprise Imaging lets you meet that demand, with tools to add and view images and videos in studies, sign off on reports, and more, all from a mobile device.

We’ve optimized it to better handle latency and to allow remote usability, even over challenging network conditions.

The platform supports the most popular browsers:
• Microsoft Internet Explorer®,
• Google Chrome™,
• Apple Safari®,
• Mozilla Firefox® and
• Opera™,

while supported mobile digital devices include Apple iPad® 2/3/4 (iOS 6.0.1 onwards) and Apple iPad® mini (iOS 6.0.2 onwards).


We have used the same care in developing the usability of the IT tools for Enterprise Imaging as for the rest of the solution!

The import/export setup tools make deployment fast and easy, and verifying that all of our customers are on the same, latest version of Enterprise Imaging, we can use your feedback to increase the solution’s efficiency. This also allows us to provide you with upgrades continuously, so you get new features faster.

Cost efficiency is improved by performing service tasks remotely, by minimizing training and by maximizing the consistency of user behavior. And the Healthcheck utility, integrated right into the application, lets you perform component-level-based status checks.

We have also made the license logistics simpler – 100% software based, no physical components, fully automated license delivery and activation – to reduce overhead costs. And you can enjoy the peace of mind of continuous monitoring and management of installations to help maximize uptime and productivity with our GRIP Monitoring service

Have the latest release with regular updates & streamlined upgrades

What if you could outsource the maintenance and management of your platform to a trusted hosting provider, giving you the freedom and peace of mind to focus on strategic projects?


Day-to-day management of complex systems like a PACS is a major challenge for hospitals and their IT departments. So let us take care of it for you!

Our hosted deployment service gives you consistent performance, reliability and scalability, all with a lower total cost of ownership. You don’t have to worry about hardware availability, maintenance or obsolescence.

IT staff and resources are freed from IT systems management for core and strategic tasks and projects, increasing the department’s productivity and cost efficiency, while users are pleased to have access to the latest versions of the Agfa HealthCare applications.

Service costs are predictable and all-inclusive, while offering high availability and disaster recovery at a fraction of the cost of building your own.

Seamless solution
  • Completely unified imaging platform
  • Includes PACS, reporting and advanced image processing
  • Modern IT platform that simplifies your work and enhances efficiency
  • 64-bit processing and memory addressing, parallel processing
  • Three tier architecture and a truly single database
  • Set-up, integration and aggregation are simplified
  • Your solution is up-to-date and easy to upgrade
  • Software automatically delivered via our service delivery network
  • You get robust performance with minimum complexity

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