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Integrated solution takes radiologists closer to clinician’s therapeutic decision-making
Interviewees Dr. Geert Biebau, Medical Director and Head of Radiology · Dr. Frederique Van Robaeys, Radiologist

A task-based workflow that works with you

Dr. Biebau knows this technology focus also requires accepting an increasingly digital dimension to all their activities. “We have embraced the idea that up-to-date digital technology is essential to providing the best patient care and most accurate information to referring doctors and clinicians.” Dr. Biebau’s team performs examinations at the hospital site, but for MRI, they use facilities at nearby hospitals in Bruges and at the seaside.

Radiologists at Belgium’s Sint-Rembert general hospital were the first to test and approve the image display, workflow management and personalized settings of Agfa HealthCare’s new Enterprise Imaging for Radiology solution.

It passed with honors, connecting the hospital’s radiology department with medical imaging of the future.

Most modalities, such as MRI, cardio-CT and mammography, require more intense involvement by the radiologist and also stretch the performance and ergonomic demands of the underlying PACS infrastructure. “This requires pushing the boundaries of processing speed, user-friendliness and flexibility,” says Dr. Biebau. “So when Agfa HealthCare proposed our testing their new integrated solution,  we did not hesitate.”

The radiology team at Sint-Rembert, situated between two major regional hospitals at Roeselare and Bruges, is young and enthusiastic.

Under the direction of Dr. Geert Biebau, Head of Radiology and Medical Director of the hospital, three radiologists have been striving to provide top-notch care to their patients.

A strong focus on technological advancements is key to their ability to meet the referring clinician’s expectations.

“Enterprise Imaging is my office and I take it anywhere I want to work”

Enteprise Imaging appeals to medical professionals thanks to integration with patient information

Having used Agfa HealthCare’s solutions since 2009, the radiology team was able to keep both solutions operational during the trial.

Because they were familiar with IMPAX, the team did not need additional training prior to using Enteprise Imaging interface.

“It was a way to test, and if necessary, adjust the interface to make it the most intuitive interface possible.” Radiologist Dr. Frederique Van Robaeys explains the intuitive interface and the power of IMPAX Agility’s integration with other relevant patient information, retrieved from the RIS, HIS, medical patient record, nomenclature and lab result server, as well as the IMPAX archive.

“I get all this information from Enterprise Imaging, which means I no longer need to login anywhere else or wait for other applications to open.”

Hanging protocols allow 3D view of the body The interface’s starting point is the powerful concept of hanging protocols.

This determines how you see images from different modalities at the same time. “

The combination of connected axial, coronal and sagittal planes constitutes a 3D view of the body from any perspective I want. Because all images are displayed according to preset hanging protocols, it provides a familiar way of looking at results to begin dictation.”


“Macros considerably speed up reporting, helping to avoid omissions, even if I’m interrupted when reporting.”

Reporting macros avoid omissions, even if interrupted during reporting

“I can see the scanned original examination request form and use report macros that adapt as I complete the diagnosis. The macros considerably speed up reporting, helping to avoid omissions, even if I’m interrupted when reporting.

During reporting, I tag key images that will form the basis of the image set which is provided to the referring doctor or clinician. If I need to add supportive viewpoints from external sources, the integrated internet browser takes me to any source I want.

I can then simply add files or links to my report. This is my office and I can easily take it anywhere to continue working with Sint-Rembert’s server over a VPN connection.”

Radiologists now considered a sounding board for clinician’s diagnosis and therapy


The faster reporting speed and image support provided to clinicians has changed their working relationship with radiologists, underscores Dr. Biebau.

With all images at hand, as well as those coming from the clinician’s modality, the radiologist is able to interpret images from a more holistic clinical perspective. As a result, he is more routinely asked to explain his view on certain studies with his knowledge of images from other modalities.

“With Enterprise Imaging at hand, we are more often considered a sounding board in support of the clinician’s therapeutic decision-making.” Dr. Biebau has been working with Agfa HealthCare for many years, and this relationship lets his department keep abreast of the fast technology evolution in medical imaging. “It has enabled us to improve our service and increase productivity.

With Enterprise Imaging for Radiology we can cope with the challenge of increasingly complex imaging and software developments, such as cardio- or angio-CT, which can be easily integrated. We are convinced Agfa HealthCare will be our partner on our path to the future of medical imaging.”

“If I need to add supportive viewpoints from external sources, the integrated internet browser will take me to any source I want. I can then simply connect either files or links to my report.” Dr. Frederique Van Robaeys, Radiologist

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