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IGESP Hospital, São Paulo, Brazil


Brazilian hospital sees productivity take off with Enterprise Imaging for Radiology
Interview with DR. ALCIDES TERRÍVEL, Vice President of IGESP and DR. ALEXANDRE OKSMAN, Radiologist

“With the electronic signature, reports are instantly available for the patients, who are our main focus of attention”

“A complete and radical change towards greater productivity”

Since it was first founded in 1956, the IGESP hospital in São Paulo, Brazil, has experienced impressive growth. Two major restructuring projects have included the recent completion of two new buildings. Along with the hospital’s physical growth came increased patient throughput and greater complexity of cases referred to its doctors. “The patient profile has changed over the years, driving us to broaden our investments in new technologies,” explains Dr. Alcides Terrível, Vice President of IGESP.

The hospital carries out some 80,000 imaging exams each year, and requires a well-built and efficient system to support the enormous amount of data. So when the hospital was invited by Agfa HealthCare to join in a partnership program and become a pilot site for the new Enterprise Imaging solution, they didn’t hesitate. “Our constant expansion has made it a natural necessity to implement a robust image and data management platform,” continues Dr. Terrível. “We already had an Agfa HealthCare computed radiography solution, and were very satisfied with it. Some of our staff also had experience with IMPAX RIS/PACS solutions in other hospitals.


All of this, together with the proposed partnership, was decisive in our choice to implement Enterprise Imaging.” Enterprise Imaging is the newest Agfa HealthCare solution. Its new and unique approach to imaging and data management delivers a completely unified imaging platform that provides PACS, reporting, advanced image processing and integration of clinical information all in one sophisticated solution. Text entry, digital dictation, transcription and speech capabilities are fully embedded for a seamless workflow, decreased complexity and increased productivity.

Built based on observations of how radiologists work, it offers a highly intuitive user interface, for even greater productivity gains.

The system has completely fulfilled our expectations, allowing us to integrate image visualization, report creation and image storage.

For IGESP, the advantages of the solution were felt almost immediately, says radiologist Dr. Alexandre Oksman. “Before Enterprise Imaging, reports had to be transcribed, corrected and only then signed. Now all of these processes are done at once.

It has been a complete and radical change. What’s more, radiologists had to use two separate applications for visualizing images and writing reports. So the new, integrated structure has brought unprecedented agility to our hospital’s workflow!”

Dr. Terrível struggles to pick the single aspect he finds most useful in the solution: “I must say I am extremely pleased with everything, from the image visualization tools to the fantastic voice recognition, which allows a faster turnaround.

With the electronic signature, reports are instantly available for the patients, who are our main focus of attention.”



Before Enteprise Imaging, reports had to be transcribed, corrected and only then signed. Now all of these processes are done at once.

From a radiologist’s point of view, Dr. Oksman is also excited about what has been achieved with Enterprise Imaging: “The system allows us to integrate image visualization, report creation and image storage.

With the worklists we can track the patient’s procedures and submit exams to specific radiologists, for a much more efficient – yet secure and targeted – flow of reports amongst the specialists. In fact, Enterprise Imaging has completely fulfilled our expectations.”

The implementation process was also extremely successful. Using a detailed pre-implementation plan, the Agfa HealthCare team reduced the completion time from six months to only two months.

“We were able to continue our normal activities, and all of our staff’s questions about the new system were resolved during the initial training by the Agfa HealthCare staff,” says Dr. Terrível. “The technology is so intuitive,” he adds, “that newly-hired staff are being trained by their peers.”

System updates, which currently happen once every three months on average, are fast and smooth, and don’t affect everyday tasks. “Plus, they usually take place during the very early hours of the day, when any disruption would be minimal,” Dr. Oksman reports.

Supporting growth and reducing costs


In terms of efficiency, Dr. Oksman emphasizes the positive impact of the comparative analysis enabled by the platform, which allows the user to gather more information from exams and consequently improves the quality of the reports.

Financially, Dr. Terrível highlights a reduction in typing tasks in the hospital, higher radiologist productivity and cost savings in paper due to the significantly fewer corrections.

Both doctors agree the partnership with Agfa HealthCare has been extremely fruitful, defining it as an investment that has brought an excellent return. Dr. Terrível further believes this relationship has led the hospital management team to re-evaluate its growth strategies, especially regarding new technologies.

“We are proud to be one of the hospitals chosen to validate the Enterprise Imaging solution in South America,” he concludes.

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