Fast, secure, reliable transfer of any patient studies between hospitals, no CDs or DVDs


  • Sharing images without uploading or downloading
  • Creating a comprehensive longitudinal record
  • Clinical networks that support value-based care
  • Works over the internet over secure Internet Protocol

Optimized productivity at each stage of Patient Care

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CDs/DVDs containing patient images can get lost or damaged, the image transfer process is time-consuming and laborintensive, and the materials are expensive. 

With no CDs/DVDs to prepare and transport, Enterprise Imaging Exchange improves productivity all along the line: for the referring physician and for the receiving site.

And the easy-to-use Enterprise Imaging XERO Viewer makes image viewing as easy for referring physicians as for radiologists:
no special training is needed to use the intuitive interface.

Digital Imaging at your own pace



Worried about your data arriving safely and completely?

Not with Enterprise Imaging Exchange! It optimizes and compresses the DICOM data for fast transfer, encrypts it in small packages, then sends it to the server, reducing network bandwidth and transfer time.

The DICOM data is prepared and transferred over secure Internet Protocol, so no VPN is needed. And data integrity checks verify that the transmitted  data is secure and reliable. All of the transfers are audited according to the IHE Audit Trail and Node Authentication (ATNA) integration profile.


Enterprise Imaging Exchange helps solve the operational challenges of the enterprise imaging strategy, by establishing a secure health information exchange network  between collaborating health providers.


Mammography or MRI trucks, remote facilities, patient transfers, Enterprise Imaging Exchange can handle them all. Mammography buses take breast imaging on the road, to reach more women; the remote images are then transferred directly to the reading facility.

For smaller, remote facilities, the concept is the same: if there is no on-site radiologist, ad hoc images can be directly transferred for fast reading.
And when a trauma patient is moved from one site to another, you need the patient information and images to arrive fast.

With Enterprise Imaging Exchange, the receiving team gets all the information available and can prepare to treat the patient quickly upon arrival.

“Sharing is key to value-based patient care”

“Without the patient’s complete medical imaging record, you are making diagnostic and treatment decisions with only part of the picture. These days, images can come from all along the care continuum: whether images of wounds taken in the emergency room, photos from a dermatologist’s smartphone, or images from radiology. Sharing these images – from whatever source – is key to value-based patient care. And that means that timely and convenient transfer of imaging data is a must.”

“CDs and DVDs provided an interim solution, but the inconveniences mount up: they are bulky, expensive, easily lost or damaged, labor-intensive and timeconsuming… the list goes on.  To achieve true enterprise imaging, you need an unlimited, universal, streamlined solution: Enterprise Imaging Exchange.”


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