Identify and prevent incidents before they occur


Care providers and hospitals must ensure patient needs around the clock, everyday; today’s healthcare IT infrastructure must be just as available.

GRIP (Global Remote Incident Prevention) Monitoring Services continually monitors your Agfa HealthCare solution, including hardware, applications, operating systems, interfaces and databases.

It provides upfront awareness of potential disruptions 24/7, facilitating quick intervention before outages or incidents occur.

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  • Immediate action by the 24/7 dedicated monitoring teams prevents incidents from occurring.
  • GRIP Monitoring Services reduces incidents and speeds up resolution when incidents do occur.
  • Reporting provides guidance for determining how to optimize the IT infrastructure.
  • GRIP Monitoring Services offers one secure approach covering Agfa HealthCare’s IT portfolio and beyond.
  • Open source technology offers high quality, fast evolution, stability and quick adaptation.
  • Easy deployment gets the service up and running quickly, efficiently and costeffectively.
  • Customer dashboard provides you with a site map, containing highlevel event information.


GRIP dashboard keeps you informed

GRIP Monitoring Services includes a customer dashboard with color-coded warnings
that lets you access the details of an alert. Deployed through a customer portal,
it provides you with high-level status information.



Agfa HealthCare’s dedicated remote monitoring teams oversee your Agfa HealthCare solutions from the central monitoring centers, to uncover events before they become incidents.

The team uses detailed visualization tools to immediately react to all warnings and alerts.

They can then either perform an immediate remote intervention or contact local support so that your system continuity is assured.



Agfa Healthcare has installed dedicated, highavailability monitoring equipment in its HQ facilities.

From this central location, GRIP securely connects at frequent intervals to the various customer sites in order to collect monitoring data.

This monitoring data is stored in a highperformance database, from where it is processed for further analyses and reporting.



GRIP Monitoring Services also plays an important role in supporting you to optimize and improve your infrastructure, with Event Reporting.

At monthly, quarterly and yearly intervals, you receive data and statistics on all Warnings, Alerts, the evolution of the events and more, with clear graphical representations.

With this data, you and Agfa HealthCare can discuss specific actions to improve your IT infrastructure

“We offer 24/7 imaging services”

“During the last few months, we noticed on several occasions that corrective actions by Agfa HealthCare were taken without us being aware of any problem or issue. That is essentially what GRIP Monitoring Services stands for.

Academic Medical Center,
Amsterdam, the Netherlands


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