Pre-exam: proactive alerts and safety checklist;
During exam: instant feedback for the radiographers;
Post-exam: analysis of dose on the patient, user, device and modality levels.


Enhance your existing clinical workflow:
Detailed workflow analysis for optimizing procedure protocols, positioning, etc.


Provide an enterprise-wide, standardized solution that allows the hospital to maintain the quality of its imaging services for patients and clinicians


Analyze and trend your data with advanced tools:
For all the various levels;
Detailed reports for outlying results


Protect your patients by managing dose.
Comply with your legal and internal reporting obligations and processes, easily and cost-effectively.


Comply with your legal and internal reporting obligations and processes, easily and cost-effectively.

What to look for in an Automated Dose Management Solution?


  • Does it include the tools for the necessary data analysis?
  • Does it offer easy and high-performance tools for workflow analysis?
  • Does it include live and personalized dashboards ?
  • Does it integrate with the PACS or image viewer, across the hospital ?
  • Does it include quality control tools?
  • Does it offer compliance monitoring for regulations ?

In the case of Agfa’s Dose Management platform, the answer to all of these questions is ‘yes’.

Peak Skin Dose

In the discussion about radiation dose, topics like peak skin dose and contrast monitoring should not get lost.

Interventional radiology can result in skin reactions, particularly when a certain radiation dose threshold is reached.

Keeping Peak Skin Dose (PSD) as low as possible can potentially prevent severe reactions and speed up recovery.

The dose management solution gives an indication of the real skin dose and calculates peak skin dose maps, allowing quick action to be taken.


“The dose management solution allows radiologists to monitor all the relevant parameters in real time in the medical imaging environment.”

“Before starting the examination, they benefit from proactive notifications and safety checklists. Immediately after the examination, a dose analysis is available at patient, user, machine, and modality level with special consideration of outlier results. These evaluations can also be viewed on mobile devices. This makes it possible to prepare a detailed workflow analysis and continually improve clinical processes.”

 J. Jacobs
Managing Director and co-founder of Qaelum


“The solution has an intuitive interface for in-depth analysis of the data”

“The solution powered by tqm|DOSE has an intuitive interface but still has all tools for in-depth analysis of the data. Although we have multiple radiology departments, all data is stored in one single database. It enables us to do internal and external data comparisons and this facilitates our dose reduction efforts. The software also provides assurance that we continuously comply to legal regulations.”

Dr. Geert Souverijns,
head of radiology, Jessa Hospital,
Hasselt, Belgium

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