Images have become the heart of a clinicallyrich medical record and are as much a part of today’s diagnostic process as blood pressure and body temperature readings.

What was once the domain of radiology and cardiology, the use of images is now widespread throughout the healthcare community (for example, patients may now send their dermatology “selfi es” to their pCps for a quick, remote assessment).

However, while these “point-and-shoot” images can be extremely valuable within the patient care continuum (albeit not securely), they are not often utilized beyond a single care event because of the challenges of inputting and categorizing them within the secure electronic Health record (eHr).


The primary goal of Agfa HealthCare’s enterprise imaging platform is to make all imaging data readily available to all physicians across the enterprise for review and evaluation all throughout the care continuum.

Whether those images are produced by million-dollar imaging equipment, a hundred-dollar digital camera, or a smart phone, Agfa HealthCare enterprise imaging enables physicians to upload them into the eHr and incorporate meaningful information during the capture process.

Such capabilities are particularly important for those departments that are not traditional sources of medical imaging. dermatology is a prime example, as physician- and even patientproduced digital images are gaining prominence in the diagnosis and treatment of dermatologic conditions


Use Case: Engaged in Patient Care

M. Joan, a 49-year old, mother of two, is concerned about a persistent scaly red patch on her shoulder blade. Joan calls her pCp and asks for his help. Before making any diagnosis over the phone, he wants to see the lesion, and asks Joan if she can take a picture. Joan agrees.

Joan’s pCp goes into her eHr and clicks “Request Patient Photograph” and selects an appropriate dermatology procedure type, including body location. Joan receives an email with a link from her PCP’s office. She clicks the link. And an interface appears. Joan clicks “Capture Photograph” and takes the picture.

A few minutes later, her pCp refreshes Joan’s eHr record and sees Joan’s “patient Selfie” labeled as patient self photo – right shoulder blade. Joan’s pCp reviews the image and suggests Joan come into the office for a consult.

The office, her physician gets a better look. during the examination, her pCp wants a clinical quality photograph to share with a dermatologist. Joan’s pCp adds “Visit problem History” and “Visit Notes” to her EHR record.

Joan’s pCp creates the dermatology referral. before leaving, a medical assistant enters the consulting room with a high resolution digital camera. the assistant opens the eHr, and selects a standardized procedure–Vl shoulderblade_right_lesion and takes a photo with a scale in the view.

Upon uploading, she calibrates the image. the dermatologist reviews Joan’s medical selfie, the clinical photograph, and the PCP’s clinical notes. the dermatologist suspects a more serious condition and requests Joan come in for a consult as well. during the examination, the dermatologist recommends a biopsy.

The biopsy is sent to pathology. The pathology result returns what the dermatologist suspected – squamous cell carcinoma. Joan’s dermatologist reviews the pathology report as well as the pathology images and shares the result with Joan.

They discuss treatment options and opt for surgery to remove the cancer. Joan’s dermatologist creates a surgical referral. the surgeon reviews the clinical, diagnostic, and pathology images and report to prepare for Joan’s surgery.

The surgeon takes pre, peri, and post images of the lesion and Joan returns home after a successful surgery.

Joan visits her pCp for a follow-up consult. Her pCp displays the history of the images on his desktop monitor as he discusses the post-surgery report with Joan. Joan will come back periodically for a check up on the area.

The Enterprise Imaging Advantage

Promoting a True Longitudinal Patient Record


When Agfa HealthCare Enterprise Imaging links an imaging study to the EHR, the event is inserted within the patient’s secure medical record and is immediately associated with the admitting event, care plan, and disease state.

This gives Enterprise Imaging the ability to sync with the EHR to organize images within the patient medical record utilizing clinical terminology, not just imaging terminology.

Whether the patient is being treated for a broken bone one day or a skin lesion five months later, any image associated with the patient can be accessed at the point-of-care and at any point in the future, creating a true longitudinal patient imaging record. As imaging information, such as point-andshoot images, becomes accessible to more departments within an enterprise, the ability to store, access, and share those images becomes invaluable.

A comprehensive image-enabled EHR allows patient information, including DICOM and non-DICOM images, to be accessible to any clinician, in any department. In this way, Agfa HealthCare Enterprise Imaging provides the ability to optimize your EHR investment and, most importantly, help improve patient care.

Extends collaboration across the continuum

At its core, Agfa HealthCare Enterprise Imaging is designed to promote and advance collaboration by physicians throughout the patient care continuum.

The Agfa HealthCare Enterprise Imaging solution is a care-centric consolidated platform that integrates images from any clinical specialty into your patient’s EHR, and enables access to that comprehensive information by any clinician in your enterprise.

Our one-platform approach allows health professionals along the continuum to access medical reports and relevant imaging data that enrich each patient’s visual healthcare infographic.

With intuitive, care-centric workflows, clinicians can:

  • Acquire and review clinically relevant images within the context of the EHR for confident diagnostic decisions
  • Share and collaborate with all care providers, regardless of their location
  • Deliver quality care and help improve outcome

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