Operational Efficiency

  • Access to IT and administrative support without hiring specialists in each field
  • Ongoing maintenance, updates and support managed by experts
  • Operations running on most current technology
  • Comprehensive solutions managed by a single vendor
  • Improve your workflow by taking advantage of Business Intelligence real time dashboards and reports

Financial Advantage of Managed Services

  • Little or no capital start-up costs
  • Predictable all-inclusive operating expense pricing models, with a fixed cost per imaging study or per month
  • Lower TCO and higher ROI by leveraging provider economies of scale
  • Ongoing maintenance, updates and support managed by experts
  • Expand your business growth opportunities by providing Tele-Imaging services to other subscribers

Enhanced Clinical Care

  • Highly advanced imaging toolsets for physicians and diagnosticians
  • Advanced clinical tools to help improve informed clinical decision making
  • Real-time communication and collaboration
  • Embrace mobility with anywhere, anytime, secure access to images and reports
  • Patient-centric timeline view of multispecialty medical images with the KLAS Category Leader XERO Universal Viewer

Technical Excellence

  • ISO-certified cloud archive solutions
  • Backup and disaster recovery
  • Agfa Managed Services ensure security & privacy, high availability, disaster recovery and business continuity, software upgrades and comprehensive support
  • Future Proof! The solution grows as you grow, and you’re ready for the Next Gen solutions AGFA will be releasing

Secure Ecosystem

  • End-to-end encryption of PHI (Patient Health Information)
  • Fast access to multispecialty imaging data
  • Data integrity ensured
  • Access controls to ensure data privacy
  • Peer to peer collaboration in a secure environment
  • Secure data center environment

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