Advanced Volumetric Imaging

Diagnosis of CT and MR volumes is part of the radiologist’s daily clinical routine.

Advanced Volumetric Imaging gives Advanced Visualization tools radiologists and clinicians require to be more efficient.

Lesion Management

Lesion Management has the capability to memorize the location and size of lesions which are manually identified by the user, to track lesions over time and to assess their change in size over time.

Virtual Colonoscopy

CT Colonoscopy (CTC) is less time consuming than conventional colonoscopy. While conventional colonoscopy typically takes between 30 and 60 minutes, a CTC procedure takes only about 10 minutes.

This results in better utilization of the imaging infrastructure and medical staff.


PET & SPECT Viewing

Over the past few years, there has been a strong increase in the use of combined modalities (e.g. hybrid PET/SPECT-CT scanners), creating a need for powerful software tools.

PET & SPECT Viewing provides the tools needed to help optimize the value of combining modalities.


Orthopaedic Tools

Orthopaedic Tools’ integrated set preoperative tools for the workstation fulfills the evolving needs of filmless medical imaging facilities.

Integrating the  Orthopaedic Tools modules with the already feature-rich orthopaedic workstation creates a center of image-based information for most orthopaedic specialties.

Vessel Viewing

Vessel Viewing is designed to assist the radiologist with the interpretation of CTA studies.

Simply point and click on two points in a vessel and the software will automatically calculate the path of the blood vessel, display straightened and cross-sectional views and calculate distances and vessel diameters.

Nuclear Medicine

A single, unified imaging platform, intuitive use, embedded clinical tools and powerful workflow engine all maximize productivity while offering a low cost of ownership.

Nuclear Cardiology

A high performance cardiology imaging software which is embedded in Enterprise Imaging through hanging protocol’s for SPECT, PET, SPECT + PET and Hybrid – CT examinations. The software is used for the quantification, review and reporting of cardiac perfusion and function.

Advanced Visualization

Suite of clinical applications to review, analyze and quantify medical image data in multiple dimensions (2D & 3D/4D) and multiple modalities such as Ultrasound.

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