As healthcare evolves, so do its challenges. Complex diseases that require ongoing, multidisciplinary care are rising steeply.

Yet, we cannot ignore the importance of prevention and follow-up to help both healthy and at-risk populations stay well. At the same time, healthcare facilities no longer stand alone, a single patient may be seen over a long period of time by several care professionals at multiple facilities, operating in a care network.

New healthcare models make a lot of promises: engaged patients, pay-for-performance, improved outcomes at lower cost, and more. But none of this can happen without connected care that eliminates data siloes and enables information exchange between all different care team members, inside and outside the hospital.

The Engage Suite gives you the tools to coordinate this complexity.

Added on top of your existing electronic patient record (EPR) or Health IT infrastructure, it connects all stakeholders – both professionals and patients to support the care journey from start to finish. At the same time, it enables compliance with changing regulation and new reimbursement policies.

What can the Engage Suite do for you and your patients? 


  • Create a single, consolidated patient view that every stakeholder can access.
  • Assure patients are well prepared before their exams: that they receive instructions and supply needed information.
  • Enhance collaboration between care providers, who can share information to make informed decisions.
  • Enable follow-up of the patient’s health status over time


  • Enable your specialists to efficiently collaborate and communicate with others in your network
  • Provide continuity when patient care is transferred between care teams, facilities or home care.
  • Support the creation of clear care plans that ensure all stakeholders know their responsibilities and tasks.
  • Support your move to value-based care models and outcome-based reimbursement.
  • Optimize your staff’s time and your facility’s resources, by reducing patient no-shows, repetitive requests for information, etc.
  • Improve patient and referrer satisfaction.


  • Eliminate long waits for patients to get an appointment.
  • Enable adequate preparation and follow-up of the patient’s hospital visits
  • Reduce unnecessary visits to the hospital or care provider.
  • Enhance patient engagement and satisfaction.
  • Allow health indicators, vital signs, photos, etc. to be taken and uploaded from home. (including via wearable and mobile devices).

Step by step along the journey

  • Initiate and sign-up
  • Plan
  • Prepare
  • Coordinate
  • Monitor
  • Engage
  • Follow up

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Engage Suite Modules

What can the Engage Suite do for you and your patients?

First-time and returning patients can create and update their user accounts easily and conveniently, for secure access to online services.

  • First-time patients can sign up in the hospital’s system before they visit the facility, reducing waiting times at admission, improving patient convenience and optimizing hospital resources.
  • Registered patients can update their information, saving time and speeding up administration.
  • Patients have easy online access to their identification details and the hospital’s online services, 24/7.
  • With the secure 2-factor authentication, patients can use their mobile number or email address for verification.
  • The secure system protects patient data and controls access to patient information.
  • The healthcare provider’s administration is simplified, supporting organizational efficiency.
Many health, personal and organizational indicators can be monitored at once, and key information and trends are available at a glance, to quickly identify issues.

  • The Engage Suite Dashboard uses widget technology, centralizing applications and data in a single place that is accessible by patients and other users.
  • A dashboard can display data in many different forms and styles, and can be configured per patient, physician, etc. for maximum flexibility.
  • It is easy to add, remove, filter and search for the relevant data.
  • Vital signs can be entered remotely, and can be included in the patient’s care plan.
  • The Engage Suite Dashboard adapts to local eco-systems and partnerships, IT systems, apps and software solutions from different players.
Care providers inside and outside the hospital, can access a unified patient record, with the patient’s medical information viewable at a glance, and more detail available with just a click. 

  • Information from acute care, primary care, home care and more sources can be shared. 
  • Personal health data provided by the patient can be seamlessly integrated. 
  • Many health indicators can be monitored at once, to quickly identify issues. 
  • Widget technology centralizes applications and data in a single patient-centered overview. 
  • Each widget (mini-report) links to more detailed information. 
  • All stakeholders involved in a patient’s care can view, share and collaborate.
Medical documentation from different sources is securely available in a central overview and can be shared between healthcare professionals, patients and care providers. 

  • Laboratory results, imaging studies, vital signs, reports, clinical notes and other medical documentation from different sources can be easily viewed in a single, central overview. 
  • Results can also be viewed on mobile devices, for “anywhere/anytime” consultation. 
  • Results can be automatically distributed to other users of the Engage Suite. 
  • Results can be organized by selected criteria, while the search function makes it easy to find specific results through location, order date, study source, etc. 
  • Results can be downloaded and printed, and medical record summaries exported as a PDF. 
  • Trend lines showing the latest lab results enable an easy comparison of lab values. 
  • DICOM images can be viewed with the sophisticated XERO web viewer, without duplicating the DICOM data. 
  • CDs with images can be uploaded before the patient visits the healthcare facility, eliminating cumbersome tasks for patient and hospital staff.
Patients can manage their own appointments 24/7 via a secure and easy-to-use online tool, while the care provider can send them targeted reminders and pre-appointment instructions. 

  • Patients and referring physicians can schedule, change and cancel appointments quickly and easily, even with their smartphone. 
  • The appointment module works on top of your existing scheduling or order entry system, extending its use and capabilities. 
  • Electronic appointment confirmation with all necessary details is provided. 
  • Patients have easy online access to all appointment information and preparation instructions. 
  • Questionnaires or forms can be automatically sent to the patient before the appointment. 
  • Timely reminders are sent to the patient via SMS, email or app. 
  • The healthcare facility determines which appointments may only be scheduled by physicians.
Electronic questionnaires and forms enable healthcare providers to ensure they have critical information on patients 

and that patients are well-prepared, both pre- and post-visit. 

  • Customized online questionnaires and forms can be easily created to match the facility’s needs and procedures. 
  • Patients fill in the questionnaires at a time and place that is convenient for them, on a PC, tablet or mobile device. 
  • A broad range of internationally recognized questionnaires are supported. 
  • Patient reported outcome measures (PROMs) and patient reported experience measures (PREMs) can easily be captured. 
  • Patient information is collected in a structured way and can be sent to the patient’s electronic medical record, saving time for patients and staff. 
  • Instructions and other information can automatically be provided to patients, to prepare them for their visit. 
  • Questionnaires and forms can be automatically sent out based on a ‘triggering event’ and you can follow up on the status of the forms. 
  • Data can easily be analyzed for research purposes.
Multidisciplinary care teams spread across locations and institutions can remotely discuss patient cases, share information and make decisions together, for seamless patient care. 

  • Video conferencing and communication tools enable the organization of remote team meetings. 
  • The meeting is started in the Engage Suite; all patient information that resides in the Suite and in the patient record is thus immediately available. 
  • Meeting participants can share additional information, including screen views. 
  • Meetings can be recorded, and notes taken during the conference can be stored as clinical notes. 
  • In addition to the medical professionals, the patient can also join in the meeting, if desired. 
Healthcare providers can effectively create and manage care plans for their patients and coordinate care teams. 

  • Care plans can be set up to identify treatment goals and engage the patient to meet them. 
  • The status of the patient, and the goals and tasks that need to be performed by each stakeholder, are clear and easy to read. 
  • Predefined care plans are provided and can be customized for specific needs. 
  • Care plans can be combined for patients with multi-morbidity. 
  • Authorized users can access the care plan “anywhere, anytime,” including on mobile devices. 
  • Tools enable collaboration with colleagues and care teams inside and outside the hospital. 
  • The members and tasks of the care teams can evolve as treatment continues. 
  • Integration with the Engage Suite Appointment module adds agenda and scheduling functionality.

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