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Illness doesn’t recognize borders … and neither should healthcare!


  • Patrick: diagnosed with cancer

  • Problemnearest oncological centre of excellence in the country was a four-hour drive away
  • Impossible for Patrick to return home each day. He would have to remain in Galway, without his wife, during the week, returning home each weekend – for eight weeks. It was a disruption and stress that would certainly not help his recovery
  • Newly opened radiotherapy centre in Derry, only an hour from Patrick’s home.  But Derry is in Northern Ireland — across the border



Ground-breaking cross-border Radiotherapy program between 2 hospitals to complete radiotherapy closer to home, enhancing patient comfort and care.

Requiring seamless transparent and real-time communication – including reports, data and images

Live within 6 months !

Implications behind the scene:

” Three weeks later, they had good news for me: I would do the radiotherapy in Derry. They could transfer all my documentation,
X-rays, scans, etc. to the doctors in Altnagelvin Area Hospital. My wife could go with me to the center, each day. I was delighted about that! ” 

Patrick Mc Ardle  

” For the patients, it’s very reassuring to know that the doctor already has all the information at the first visit ” 

Dr. David Stewart
Lead Clinician Oncology, Altnagelvin Hospital

” In addition, any images from Northern Ireland that need to come back from their PACS will be available to us, so if patients have follow up treatment or scans in Altnagelvin, we’ll have all those images ” 

Gina Naughton
RIS/PACS System administrator – University Hospital Galway

” The doctors didn’t need specific training. The Integrated Care Suite is quite intuitive, and there are good video tutorials if they have an additional question, e.g. on using the XERO Viewers 

Karen Carty
Specialist, University Hospital Galway

” These patients are traveling long distances, so anything that minimizes the number of journey’s is obviously of great benefit to them. 

Dr. Garrett Durkan
Consultant Urologist – University Hospital Galway

Download the full case! (PDF)

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