Harvard Business Review – Special Report:
The Business Case for a Fully Converged Medical Imaging Platform

HBR_reportNearly every department in a healthcare setting has its own medical imaging systems/picture archiving and communications systems equipment and corresponding storage and retrieval technology. 

Some forward-thinking executives are starting to confront the inefficiencies inherent in their traditionally siloed imaging systems. 

Integration can help with a hospital system’s day-to-day operations and help physicians do a better job across the board. 

Agfa HealthCare joined forces with Harvard Business Review to create this insightful Special Report that will guide you in the development of a successful business case for a fully converged medical imaging platform. Request your copy now.

“Working with Agfa HealthCare on our Enterprise Imaging initiative, University Health has already achieved significant cost savings and has streamlined our clinicians’ time to deliver care.”

William A. Phillips, Jr.,
CPHIMS, CISM, Exec. Vice President/CIO,
University Health System

Download the Special Report here:

“Having all that information when I’m reading the scan makes me a better radiologist because I have a lot more clinical context. It also makes me more efficient because I don’t have to dig through each platform to find that information that I need. It boosts speed and efficiency.”

Melissa Davis

Assistant professor
Emory School of Medicine

“One of the ways we’ve deployed our enterprise imaging is through the patient portal. You’re empowering patients to take more control over their health care.”

Christopher Roth

Vice chairman of radiology, information technology, and clinical informatics
Duke University