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AGFA HealthCare’s Enterprise Imaging for Cardiology delivers a consolidated imaging ecosystem that speeds up image acquisition and retrieval, and enhances the delivery of patient care.

Across specialties and modalities, it improves the cardiologist’s work experience, by offering web-based image viewing and access , powerful advanced analysis applications, structured reporting, flexible workflows and collaboration tools – all in a single workspace.

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Anywhere Anytime diagnostic imaging workflow

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Enterprise Imaging for Cardiology

The cardiology imaging Health Record
Discover benefits of a unified cardiology ecosystem, that works across the cardio specialties (Ultrasound, CathLab and EP, ECG, Nuclear Cardiology, CT&MR) and modalities.

Presented by: Raf Philtjens – Global Solution Manager Cardiology & Stephanie Bazinet – Cardiology Segment Manager NA

Details & access

Mobile structured cardiology reporting

“Anywhere, anytime” diagnostic imaging workflow

cardio-web-technologyEnterprise Imaging’s web technology facilitates a true ‘anywhere, anytime’ workflow, enabling cardiologists to do their work wherever and whenever they need to, via an internet connection. Whether in the hospital or at home, they can produce, interpret, collaborate on, and make quality decisions around images, with the same depth of workflow, from any computer or mobile device.

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Enterprise Imaging web technology

Specialties at a glance

Whether for a single department or a multi-facility healthcare organization, with the Enterprise Imaging for Cardiology platform, every cardiology environment and every specialty has access to advanced imaging tools and structured reporting workflows, in ONE single workspace.
Agfa HealthCare Cardiology

A unified cardiology experience

  • Every image, regardless of modality, device, room or procedure, is available within a unified ecosystem.
  • The patient’s entire cardiovascular imaging history can be accessed from a single workspace.
  • Reports and images can also be accessed remotely – anywhere, anytime – to meet the increasing demand for mobile flexibility.
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Cardiology brochure

Giving productivity a boost

  • Task-driven workflows balance imaging and reporting workloads, to make the most of each clinician’s time.
  • Reporting tasks are automated whenever possible. Information from modalities and devices is pre-added to advanced, structured reports, and into the EHR, freeing the clinician to focus on patients and value-added tasks.
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Cardiology brochure

Enhanced collaboration, inside and beyond hospital walls

  • Tools that enable real-time exchange of images and reports, remote chats, screen sharing and clinical discussions, can all be accessed remotely.
  • From multidisciplinary meetings to teaching engagements, communication and collaboration are enhanced in cardiology and beyond.
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Cardiology brochure

Diagnostic confidence, with efficient, structured reporting

  • The reporting workflow is streamlined, with relevant, well-organized structured reports and referral letters that can be created ‘right out of the box’.
  • Specialty templates speed up reporting for Vascular Echo, Adult/Pediatric Echocardiography and Cardiac Nuclear Medicine reporting.
  • Capturing data in standardized report formats supports your continuous quality improvement, facilitates accreditation, and helps ensure you get the correct reimbursements for every service.
More on Diagnostic Confidence – Download here

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Cardiology imaging, integrated in the EHR

  • Cardiology viewing and post-processing tools are seamlessly integrated
  • Automated measurement exchange between your Enterprise Imaging platform and your EHR reporting solution is enabled.
  • The diagnostic desktop and EHR are intelligently kept in sync, to improve your cardiologists’ productivity.
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Integrate with Epic Cupid®

Cardiology brochure

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