How accessible are your images ? #The Imaging Data Management Strategy Series

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These days, images can come from all along the care continuum. Whether they are images of wounds taken in the emergency room, photos from a dermatologist’s smartphone, or DICOM and non-DICOM images from radiology, cardiology, nuclear medicine and beyond, without the patient’s complete medical imaging record, you would be making diagnostic and treatment decisions with only part of the picture.
Sharing these images – from whatever source – is key to value-based patient care. And that means that timely and convenient transfer of imaging data is a must.

Share more, care more

Agfa HealthCare Enterprise Imaging Exchange provides unlimited inbound and outbound sharing of images, universal viewing of images from inside and outside the enterprise, uploading and downloading of images and a web-based way to share images with patients, referring physicians and other hospitals :

  • Sharing images without uploading or downloading
  • Creating a comprehensive longitudinal record & images in the EHR, for a simplified workflow
  • Optimized productivity at each stage of patient care
  • Meeting today’s mobility needs
  • Fast data transfer and efficient management
  • Minimum software downloads for quick, easy use and predictable costs you can rely on

The Agfa HealthCare Enterprise Imaging Exchange lets you realize the benefits of sharing clinical information without significant technology investments.

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Imaging Accessibility is just one of the 5 key areas of a powerful Imaging Data Management Strategy.





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