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Definitive Healthcare Releases Results of 2019 Annual Healthcare Trends Survey – Definitive Healthcare
Widespread industry consolidation, as well as the growing influence of consumerism, are registered as the most important trends healthcare leaders are paying attention to in 2019, according to the Definitive Healthcare survey.   In this survey, Definitive Healthcare polled over 1,000 healthcare leaders across the provider, biotech, financial services, staffing, life sciences, IT, and consulting verticals to determine which trends they felt were most important.

Five Trends Shaping The Future of The Global Radiology IT Market – Signify Research
Against the backdrop of artificial intelligence in medical imaging and other hyped healthcare IT technologies, market trends in core radiology IT software and services can easily be overlooked. Find five charts based on the extensive coverage of the global imaging IT market that highlight significant long-term trends shaping the future of radiology IT.

12 healthcare areas where AI will result in near-term breakthroughs – Health Data Management
Faculty members of Partners HealthCare have ranked artificial intelligence-enabled technologies that will have the greatest impact on medicine in the next 12 months. The Boston-based health system announced the 2019 “Disruptive Dozen” AI technologies during a panel session at its World Medical Innovation Forum.

Researchers provide a roadmap for AI in medical imaging – Health Data Management
While artificial intelligence could transform clinical imaging practice over the next decade, research is still in its early stages and knowledge gaps must be filled if AI is to reach its full potential in radiology. That’s the contention of researchers who have developed a roadmap to help identify and prioritize research needs for academic research laboratories, funding agencies, professional societies, as well as industry.

World Health Organization releases guidelines for digital health adoption – MobiHealthNews
From drones delivering blood in Rwanda, to blockchain health records in Estonia it is clear to see that digital health tools have spread worldwide. But how these systems are being implemented varies greatly depending on the government, region, and resources. The World Health Organization (WHO) released 10 guidelines for how countries can use digital health tools to improve patient care.

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