Healthcare IT Market Update

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McKinsey: How hospitals can become more recession-proof – BeckersHospitalReview

A new infographic from McKinsey & Co. builds on this research, examining opportunities specific to healthcare organizations in a forthcoming economic downturn. In an email interview, Becker’s discussed the implications of a recession with one of the infographic’s authors, Aneesh Krishna, a partner at McKinsey in the Silicon Valley.

Cleveland Clinic pegs 10 top care innovations for 2019 – Health Data Management

In its annual assessment of emerging advancements, the Cleveland Clinic ranked the game-changing potential for new technologies—including information technology—that will hit the market in 2019.

NLP Use Cases for Healthcare Providers – Chilmark Research

In the rush to digitize the business and practice of healthcare with minimal disruption to clinical workflows, up to 80 percent of captured data is unstructured. The leading solution for turning unstructured data into valuable insights is natural language processing (NLP), which can address many problems facing the industry.

Report: For 9th Straight Year, Healthcare Organizations Hit Hardest from Data Breaches– Healthcare Innovation

For the ninth year in a row, healthcare organizations had the highest cost of a data breach—nearly $6.5 million on average—according to the annual “Cost of a Data Breach Report” from IBM Security and the Ponemon Institute.

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