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Getting to ‘yes’ in enterprise imaging (SIIM19) – DotMed

Enterprise imaging often lags because of a common problem: lack of a good plan that includes getting clinical sponsors on board, addressing the human aspect of changed emotions, or reflecting the strategic goals of top leadership.

Looking back at SIIM19: 3 takeaways on the future of AI and imaging – Health Imaging

1) AI is nothing without data; 2) Technology isn’t the only hurdle to adopting AI; 3) Radiology and imaging informatics can form the future of AI

SIIM 2019: Four Key Take-Aways for Enterprise Imaging – Signify Research

1) Enterprise Imaging Is Hard; 2) Some Ology’s Are More Ready For EI; Others Are Really Not; 2) No Repeatable Blueprint for EI Has Been Established; 4. Widespread EI Adoption Will Take a Long Time

HIMSS Europe 2019: Key Take-Aways – Signify Research

How to change mindsets in Europe towards healthcare improvement through the use of technology: Developing Integrated Care Networks Through Regional Procurement, Better Localisation of EMRs, The use of Telehealth

Top 40 Digital Health Trends In One Complex Infographic– The Medical Futurist

The world of medical innovations is complex and diverse, full of promising technologies but also hype and marketing. All relevant digital health trends in one infographic that also explains at which stage the delivery of these innovations stands, and which medical process and actor they influence.


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