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Shared decision making in the era of digital transformation – Healthcare IT News

Health and care systems are changing rapidly. These changes are in part being driven by the pathway redesign that accompanies digital transformation but there are other significant factors that are being brought into play. Medicine itself is changing, as new diagnostic tools enable greater personalisation of treatment, the number of therapeutic options multiply and digital monitoring of individual patients becomes a reality.

For Health and Life Sciences Companies, Cybersecurity is not Just an IT Issue – Deloitte US

Cybersecurity and risk should be part of the conversation when life sciences and health care leaders discuss their long-term business strategies. But communicating the value of investments in cybersecurity to senior leaders and board members can be challenging because cyber is often perceived as being highly technical.

Large open tenders a key part of the global, non-US EHR market in 2018 – KLAS, Healthcare IT News

More than 180 healthcare organisations outside the US made EHR buying decisions in 2018, having an impact on almost 380 hospitals, according to a new report by KLAS on the global (non-U.S.) market share. The analysis indicates that large public tenders covered only 5% of contracts signed, but impacted more than 25% of these hospitals, although “no runaway leader” was identified in terms of new deals.

The era of exponential improvement in healthcare? – McKinsey

Healthcare advances have delivered great benefits to society, bringing material improvements in average life spans and quality of life. Yet these improvements have come at a cost—an ever-expanding portion of the US GDP is being consumed by healthcare expenses. Could technology, enabling delivery of healthcare advances while improving affordability, be part of the solution?

Most HIMSS Stage 4 hospitals fail to realize EMR benefits years after designation – Becker’s health IT report 

Four practices of successful healthcare organizations to attain EMR benefits, according to Chartis Group:1. Commit to a “short list” of benefits; 2. Clearly define benefit processes; 3. Identify benefits team, leaders; 4. Implement a benefits measurement system.

Predictive Analysis – The Next Evolution for AI in Medical Imaging – Signify Research

One of the key challenges for companies developing AI solutions for medical imaging is demonstrating their clinical value, and the return on investment for healthcare providers.

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