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How Value-Based Care is Affecting Radiology – Diagnostic Imaging

Many of the conversations around value-based care center on how the shift away from volume in radiology will affect your reimbursement. But, this pivot toward value involves more than changes to your bottom line. It’s also impacting how you run and organize your practice, says David Larson, MD, associate professor of pediatric radiology at Stanford University Medical Center.

How will PACS evolve over the next decade? – Auntminnie 

The next-generation PACS will continue to expand and include more specialties; it will deconstruct more and will be driven by the EMR. There are still challenges with the unscheduled workflows, and AI will continue to impact efficiency and improve clinical outcomes.

What the Radiologist should Know about Artificial Intelligence – An ESR White Paper

This paper aims to provide a review of the basis for application of AI in radiology, to discuss the immediate ethical and professional impact in radiology, and to consider possible future evolution. Even if AI does add significant value to image interpretation, there are implications outside the traditional radiology activities of lesion detection and characterisation.

The 3 A’s That Millennials Want From Healthcare: Affordability, Accessibility, Availability – HealthPopuli

With lower expectations of and satisfaction with health care, Millennials in America seek three things: available, accessible, and affordable services, research from the Transamerica Center for Health Studies has found. It’s becoming clearer that younger people in America don’t have the same value for a personal medical home that older health consumers share.

Hospitals Failing on Security Hygiene – Infosecurity Magazine

Healthcare organizations are increasingly at risk from legacy operating systems, device complexity and the use of commonly exploited protocols, according to a new study from Forescout. The security vendor analyzed 75 global healthcare deployments running over 1.5 million devices across 10,000 virtual local area networks (VLANs). It found that although less than 1% were running unsupported operating systems.

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