Healthcare IT Market Update

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Presentation: Clinical validation and regulation of AI — Hardian Health

Presented at BIR AI 2020 and Intelligent Health 2020, this talk from Dr Hugh Harvey explains key concepts in medical device software regulations and clinical validation of AI-driven products.

What issues are hindering AI’s utility in radiology – Auntminnie

AI software is being used today for applications such as triage and workflow, quantification, and image preprocessing. However, AI algorithms face pressing challenges related to false positives, interpretability, and validation that are preventing them from reaching their full potential, said Dr. Peter Chang of the University of California, Irvine.

10 key uses for AI in radiology that don’t involve interpretation – AIIN

Academic Radiology detailed some of the many other ways AI can help the specialty on a regular basis- discover 10 ways AI can be used in radiology that do not involve the interpretation of imaging findings

Cut through the AI hype – Agfa Healthcare – HealthcareinEurope

With many different algorithms available that cover a growing array of diagnostic and interpretational areas, Dr Anjum Ahmed believes hospitals and care providers now need to ask the right questions when weighing up AI implementation in their clinical practice.



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