Healthcare IT Market Update

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McKinsey on Healthcare: Best of 2019 – McKinsey & Company

Healthcare leaders face a variety of challenges, which include the changing healthcare needs of their communities and the evolving role of technology and automation. See the collection of articles that highlight opportunities for healthcare leaders to champion transformation of their organizations and the industry at large.

Top health industry issues of 2020 – PwC

In 2020, US healthcare, and especially how it is delivered and how much we pay for it, will be top of mind. The question for 2020 will be whether this digital transformation will benefit consumers — marking a new dawn for the US health industry and for the people whose lives depend on it.

Looking ahead to 2020: The next big thing in healthcare – Dotmed

For nearly a decade, the healthcare tide has been slowly turning from fee-for-service to value-based care. In the last few years, the nation experienced a surge in this evolution as 48 U.S. states and territories now have VBC programs. The trend is growing among providers and payors, too.

The 10 most interesting Health Imaging stories of 2019 – Health Imaging

It’s been a busy year for radiology. It’s no surprise that AI dominated the landscape this past year, but there were still a number of important stories that will likely become trending topics as the specialty continues to evolve.

Why interoperability’s evolution will dominate concerns in 2020 – Health Data Management

The ability for the healthcare industry to effectively utilize separate information systems in a way that integrates those systems and enables the exchange and cooperative use of critical data, is more important than ever, and interoperability will only continue to gain momentum as we move into 2020 and beyond.


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