Healthcare IT Market Update

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Consumerism is the 2nd biggest challenge facing healthcare executives in 2020 – Beckers Hospital Review

Healthcare executives were surveyed about the biggest issues of 2020, with their responses ultimately compiled into this year’s Top 10 list. The consumer experience was ranked at No. 2, despite not having made the list at all since 2016, when it took first place.

‘Coop-etition’ could grow as medtech companies prepare for transformational innovation | Deloitte Center for Health Solutions

Nearly 80 percent of medical technology companies say the ability to integrate data from new technologies is a key challenge, according to a survey conducted by AdvaMed and the Deloitte Center for Health Solutions. More than 80 percent of survey respondents said they intend to consider external collaborations.

AI in Radiology: the Quest for the Killer App – Amine Korchi MD – Medium

Amine Korchi MD (Medical Doctor and Swiss Board Certified Radiologist & Neuroradiologist. Venture Partner at Fusion) reflects on the 2019 SIIM Annual Meeting  during which AI was at the center of the discussions focusing on the economics of AI and its current state in practice

The Race For AI: Here Are The Tech Giants Rushing To Snap Up Artificial Intelligence Startups – CB inights

AI has long been a major focus for tech leaders across industries. At the same time, there is an acute shortage of AI talent. This combination is fueling a heated race to scoop up top AI startups, many of which are still in the early stages of research and funding.

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