Healthcare IT Market Update

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Winning in Patient Engagement – KLAS Blog

It’s a really exciting time in the healthcare industry for patient engagement–focused business. For a fairly long time, healthcare providers from enterprises to physicians have understood that helping patients get more engaged in their care drives better outcomes and higher satisfaction.

Radiologists can use enterprise imaging to create value – Auntminnie

Radiologists can create value with enterprise imaging for their organizations in a number of key ways, including sharing imaging technology and workflow knowledge, accessing all images to improve interpretation, and supporting image quality initiatives outside of radiology — particularly for point-of-care ultrasound.

9 health tech trends drawing venture capital – Beckers hospital review

Venture funding for digital health companies reached an all-time high in the first half of 2019, totaling $5.1 billion across 318 deals. In the first six months of the year, analytics, telemedicine and mobile health apps were the biggest draw for investors. Going into the second half, however, their priorities have somewhat shifted.

Supercharging the ROI of your care management programs | McKinsey on Healthcare

Using advanced analytics and digital capabilities to improve the design and implementation of care management programs can promote better patient outcomes and an improved return on investment (ROI).

Digital Trends in Medtech: Big Data is No. 1 – Bain & Company

In a recent Bain survey, medtech executives ranked big data and analytics as the technology that will have the greatest impact on the industry over the next five years. Advances in this field will help spur innovation in connected medical devices, next generation R&D focused on outcomes, and remote care of patients and clinical trial participants.

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