Do you enable a collaborative patient-first environment ? #The Imaging Data Management Strategy Series

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For timely and efficient patient care delivery, your caregivers need patient-centric image access from across all specialties in the enterprise, with enhanced viewing, clinical depth, collaboration and sharing, on a single web viewer.

All images, one view

The Agfa HealthCare XERO Viewer brings together patient images from multiple imaging managers (DICOM and/or WADO) into a consolidated view, with a single Federated Network investment. Seamlessly integrating with the EHR, and with greater
context for image and text data, you can make more informed assessments and more confident care decisions.  And with the mobile device support, your caregivers can truly work on the go, capturing and uploading images wherever they are.

  • Zero-footprint, Web 2.0 technology
  • Chat, share, collaborate using the Web and your mobile devices
  • Upload multimedia objects from your mobile device or desktop
  • Travel along the patient-centric, interactive timeline
  • Easily access the clinical specialty tools you need

The Agfa HealthCare XERO Viewer provides anywhere, anytime patient-centric image access and enables you to create a patient-first collaborative environment.  

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A Universal Viewer is just one of the 5 key areas of a powerful Imaging Data Management Strategy.





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